Verify email


The default endpoint to verify email account is:


Route method

The route method is GET

User fields

This route does not require any user field.

How it works

The email verification feature send an email notification with a link to this route.

The server verify the token and then redirect to some frontend endpoint, the package provides two different endpoints:

  • One if the account is verified.
  • Another if the token was already verified.

That because maybe a frontend application has different views for those endpoints.

Customize redirect endpoints

In config file config/json-api-auth.php you can set both endpoints:

| Json Api Authentication Frontend Endpoints Of Verify Email Feature
| This values are used to redirect user when email verified validation pass
| First one is use to redirect users if email account its already verified
| Second is use to redirect users if email account its verified at that moment

'email_account_was_already_verified_url' => '',

'email_account_just_verified_url' => '',

🍿 Verify email feature video tutorial