Frecuently asked questions

I can use this package even if the project has already Laravel UI or Laravel Breeze authentication?

Yes, that is why the package routes use custom route names and custom notifications.

I can use Passport or Sanctum?

You can use both, but only one at the time.

I am able to customize the routes?

When you install the package it adds all the code to your app, so you can change the API routes names as you need just take care to update the notifications links, in the docs you will find where to customize every feature.

How can I customize the token expirations?
    // In config/auth.php

    // To change password confirmation timeout
    'password_timeout' => 10800,

    // To change email verification timeout
    'auth' => [
        'verification' => [
            'expire' => 10800

    // Here you may define the amount of seconds.
I can customize the notifications?

Yes, you can publish the notifications assets, create your own mailable and pass this mailable to the custom notifications.

Here you can get more information about it

How to get support?

Just tweet me, the link is in the navbar.

Find an issue

Please add an issue on the Github repository, the link is in the navbar.